The Comal Pecan Farm is pleased to offer our customers a pecan cracking service. Using our automated equipment we are able to safely crack the pecans you grow easily and economically. Please callĀ  us directly for a quote for our pecan cracking service. We welcome your inquiry.

Pecan Cracker in operation
Pecan Cracker in operation

Food Safety

WE CRACK PECANS ONLY AS REQUESTED BY THE CUSTOMER, AND TAKE CARE TO SAFELY CRACK AND PACKAGE THE CRACKED PECANS FOR THE CUSTOMER. We use well established Pecan Handling Procedures for Maintaining a Safe, Sanitary and Professional Workplace. These procedures are documented in our Comal Pecan Handling Procedures. These procedures detail how we handle pecans for cracking and our requirements for delivery of in-the-shell pecans to our facility for cracking.

Our Food Safety practices were developed from the published document Good Agricultural Practices for Pecans in Texas as compiled by Larry A. Stein, Monte Nesbitt, Al Wagner, Bill Ree and George Ray McEachern from the Texas AgriLife Extension. You can review their document on Pecan Agricultural Practices here.

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