How We Do It

Like most agricultural activities, pecan farming is a year-round effort requiring hard work to grow a high quality pecan.

Compared to growing crops such as corn or hay, pecan farming requires uniquely different equipment and timing during the year.

Enjoy our Videos!

Watch our videos to see how we grow and harvest Pecans and Hay, as well as learn about our store.

New orchard at Comal Pecan Farm with recent irrigation rows before tree planing.

Planning Irrigation

Planting Pecan Trees

Mark Friesenhahn holding holding new pecan tree for planting.
Man in bucket trimming pecan trees after leaves have fallen

Trimming Pecan Trees

Fertilizing the Orchard

Red pickup pulling fertilizer spreader in Comal Pecan Farm orchard
Irrigation sprinkler in Comal Pecan Orchard at base of a pecan tree

Irrigating the Orchard

Weed Control

Tractor pulling mower in Comal Pecan Farm Orchard
Tractor pulling sprayer through pecan orchard at Comal Pecan Farm


The fun part.


If all goes well, nature cooperates, hail storms don’t hit and the summer droughts are moderate, we end the season with a good crop of pecans for everyone to enjoy. But we need to get the nuts off the trees, cleaned and dried and sacked for in-shell sales. This takes several steps and some very specialized equipment.

Tree shaker being used to harvest pecans at Comal Pecan Farm

Shaking the Trees

Picking up the nuts

Automated picking of pecans from the ground at Comal Pecan Farm
Truck dumping pecans into pecan cleaning machine at Comal Pecan Farm

Cleaning the Pecans

Drying the Pecans

Pecan air dryer
Pecan sorting machine at Comal Pecan Farm

Sizing & Sorting

Bagging for Wholesale Sales

Bagging harbested pecans directly from the sorting machine at Comal Pecan Farm
Mark Friesenhahn with scoop of fresh in-shell pecans at the Comal Pecan Farm Store

In-the-shell Pecans

We'll Crack your pecans!

Cracking Pecans

Pecan Cracking Services
Pecan cracking machine in operation