The Comal Pecan Store is a relatively new addition to our farm. We’re open afternoons on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only due work required in the pecan groves. However, we can be available at other times for help with Pecan Cracking or other services you might require. Please call us for off-hours appointments and we’ll try our best to accommodate your needs.

In our store we offer a wide variety of pecan products that we’re sure you’ll find appealing, including:

Comal Pecan Farm Store
Comal Pecan Farm Store
Comal Pecan Farm 231 High Creek Road
New Braunfels, Texas 78132

Store Hours:
Open: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Thurs, Friday and Sat Only
(Closed Sun-Wed)
Click here for Map and Directions

The Comal Pecan Farm Store
The Comal Pecan Farm Store
Comal Pecan Farm Store
Comal Pecan Farm Store

Fresh Pecans

With 4 varieties of pecans grown on our farm you’ll find them all at our store during the fall harvesting season. Our soft shell pecans are easy to crack and delicious when eaten alone or in any of our family recipes.

  • Fresh in-shell pecans – Cheyenne, Kiowa, Pawnee and Wichita varieties
  • Large and small quantities of our fresh shelled pecans
In-Shell Pecans for Sales
Bagged Pecans for Sale
Pecans for Sale in Bin
Select Your Own Pecans

Pecan Butter and Oil

Pecan Butter and Pecan Oils have become a great addition to our store. Packed with nutrients and great taste, these bring a fresh taste to your kitchen and cooking.

  • Pecan Butter
  • Pecan oils
Virgin Pecan Oil for Sale
Virgin Pecan Oil
Pecan Oil Brochure Image
Pecan Oil Brochure
Pecan Butter for Sale
Pecan Butter

Pecan Treats

We also offer a great selection of treats for the whole family.

  • Candied pecans
  • Pralines
  • Honey Roasted Pecans
  • Pecan Trail Mix
Chocolate Covered Pecans for Sale
Chocolate Covered Pecans
Pecan Pralines for Sale
Pecan Pralines

Pecan Helpers

We also offer tools for the pecan lover, including pecan hand crackers, pecan pickers, and other neat pecan items. Stop by our store!

Pecan Cracker for Sale
Pecan Cracker