Released by the USDA in 1970, this tree produces an excellent nut that shells out bright, wrinkled, perfect halves.  It matures during mid-season (about mid-October) and is a very popular cultivar for uses requiring perfect shelled halves.


Expected nut size and yield:  58 nuts/lb., 59% kernel







This cultivar was released by the USDA in 1976 and produces large, high-quality nuts with a high-percent kernel.  It matures later in the season (late October, early November), and is a good choice for the buyer desiring a larger nut.


Expected nut size and yield:  45 nuts/lb., 58% kernel






This variety was released by the USDA in early 1984.  It produces an early-maturing, medium-size pecan, with high-percent kernel.  Pawnees are ready for sale during late September, making them a good choice for the buyer who wants new-crop pecans as soon as possible during the harvest season.


Expected nut size and yield:  50 nuts/lb., 58% kernel







The Wichita cultivar is known for its rapid tree growth, high and early production, precocity, and nut quality.  Wichitas produce consistently year to year and mature in early to mid-season (about early October).


Expected nut size and yield:  61 nuts/lb., 59% kernel




Our Pecans



There are over 180 types (varieties or “cultivars”) of pecans.  We grow mainly four soft shell varieties: Cheyenne, Pawnee, Wichita and Kiowa. We sell in-shell pecans in quantities of 5 lbs. or more, but will fill smaller orders.  We also offer pecan cracking services.  We like all four varieties (FRESH PECANS TASTE SO GOOD……!); but, stop by to sample them and decide which one you like best.



Current wholesale price, plus “a little bit” to cover our cost of handling smaller quantities (call for prices).  This gives our customers the opportunity to buy the freshest pecans at close to what the wholesale buyers pay, and well below retail store prices.

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Pecans Are Good For You!

Pecans are not just for the Holidays anymore.  They are a serious health food, with numerous health benefits.  Check out the nutrition and health information below...