Comal Pecan Farm

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Pecan Store: 210-401-1927
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Anton and wife Anna (Syring) Friesenhahn originally emigrated from southern Germany to the New Braunfels area in the 1850s and settled approximately a section of land along the Dry Comal Creek in 1865. The Friesenhahn Family grew, prospered and has been farming the land every since.  In the early days, the farm was largely self-sufficient, with major portions of the land devoted to cattle, sheep and cotton, and smaller tracts near the barns and home used for chickens, pigs and vegetable gardens that provided most of the basics.

Cotton was later replaced by corn, grain sorghum and hay crops.  Beginning in the 1960s, cattle, sheep and hay became the major crops.

Today the land is the location of Comal Pecan Farm.  The farm is now being operated by fifth-generation of Friesenhahns.  Mark Friesenhahn planted young pecan trees in some of the hay and cotton fields beginning in 1989.   He completed planting in 1994, and what you see now is 60 acres of irrigated, improved varieties of pecan trees including Wichita, Cheyenne, Kiowa and Pawnees.  During 2013-14, Mark expanded the orchard about 10% by adding addition Cheyenne trees and test plots for two new varieties: Mandan and Lakota. 

Today, Comal Pecan Farm totals about 105 acres.  Together with the adjacent farm owned jointly with brothers Larry and Marty and sister Theresa, the Friesenhahns farm about 200 acres.
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