Comal Pecan Farm Store

Comal Pecan Farm

From Deep In The Heart OF Texas

Text Box: Debbie Bading, our Store Mgr.

To contact us:

Pecan Store: 210-401-1927


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Pecan Store 2019 Hours:


1-4 Thurs, Fri & Sat

Closed Sun-Wed

Text Box: Pecan Oil and Chocolate Pecans
Text Box: Pecan Cracking
Text Box: In-shell Pecans

* Debbie is available to help you with your pecan purchases.

· We offer fresh inshell pecans, our fresh shelled pecans, and  cracking service.  PLUS: a complete retail pecan store featuring candied pecans, pralines, pecan oils, pecan pickers, hand crackers, and other neat pecan items.

Text Box: Shelled pecans
Pecan Brittle and Pralines
Honey Roasted and Hot & Spicy Pecans
Trail Mix
Text Box: Pecan Butter
Chocolate Pecans
Pecan Oil
Pecan Pickers / Crackers